Torre del Mangia

24mm, 1/400, f/4, ISO 640. Shot on a full frame camera. HDR.

We went up so many towers and cupolas this summer in Tuscany! They are all amazing in their own way and the view over the red-tiled roofs at the end of the climb is definitely a big reward. But certainly not the only one. The (sometimes wonky) internal structures, the patina covering the bricks and stones, the fleeting glimpses of the outside through the slits in the thick walls, the surfaces made silk-smooth by the touch of a multitude of climbers over the centuries, they are all very remarkable too. I shot this picture on the way down the Torre del Mangia, in Siena. The sense of vertigo is only partially rendered by the HDR effect. However, the presence of my beautiful wife in the frame gives a proper sense of scale to the whole place.