In one trip

24mm, 1/320, f/2.8, ISO 100. Shot on a full-frame camera.

Picture the last time you have come home from grocery shopping and you car booth was full of plastic bags (say, more than 6). Are you there? Now, how many trips did you do to bring the bags into the house? If you answered "two or more", you are likely a smart person, i.e., a woman. 

Instead, men in general, and engineers in particular, have this unstoppable urge of being efficient. Anything more than one trip is a disgrace, on a personal level and, of course, for the entire gender. We rather juggle stuff like circus clowns, but we make it in one trip!

This weekend, I went to a big flea market in Majorna (Gothenburg) and as soon as I arrived, I was presented with this scene. The guy was coming from a side street (most likely from his apartment) and was heading towards his selling stand, just around the corner. I quickly grabbed a shot and then gave the guy the I-have-been-there-bro support look. He smiled back. And judging from his t-shirt, he is certainly an engineer... As I said, a bro who didn't betray us :)