Pictures of nature (final day 7)

Stone turtle. 50mm, 1 sec, f/16, ISO 100. Shot with a D750 on a tripod and the 50mm f/1.4G

Hello !

This is the end of my Facebook challenge, which involved posting 7 pictures about nature, once per day. As they say, let's hope we finish with a bang :)

This picture has been taken during a glorious sunset in a location that is only a few meters away from my place. It's a popular swimming place in summer and I think that the coolest thing in the picture is the turtle-shaped rock on the left. I didn't notice the resemblance until I came back home and I looked at the picture on my laptop. As a photographer, I should really be more observant :P

All right, after a busy week of posts on the blog, I'll take a short break for Easter and I'll come back next week with more pictures (hopefully!)

That's it for now... take care and enjoy some Easter eggs.