Halloween in Gothenburg

50mm, 1/400, f/2.8, ISO 100. Shot on a full frame camera.

While I was driving my car in the city center, I noticed these three guys walking on the sidewalk, possibly heading to a Halloween party. I parked in a hurry, grabbed the camera from the car boot (I was on my way to taking some pictures already...) and jumped in front of them from behind a tree. In spite of my creepy behaviour, they acted super cool. They let me take their group portrait (see above) and, when I asked them to do something more dynamic, they came up with a genius pose (see below).

50mm, 1/100, f/2.8, ISO 250. Shot on a full frame camera

By the way, this is the behind-the-scene picture that my assistant (ehm... wife) took from the car :)

Shot with a phone.